3 Ingredient Lip Scrub

Happy October! Fall is upon us, we have already had a couple chilly days, as Iowa is notorious for is day to day drastically changing weather. My skin is already starting to get dry, so I’m digging through my diy beauty recipes for homemade lotions and scrubs. While I’m usually good about putting on lotion, it’s our lips need a little extra love sometimes.

My favorite reason for making my own products is that I know exactly what is in them. You can get really creative with simple items in your pantry, such as, ground coffee, white and brown sugar, coconut and olive oil, honey, almond and vanilla extract, spices and much more.  Put those pantry staples to use in more than just the kitchen.

Not only is it smart to make your own products because you know what is in them, but it is also cost effective. It will always be cheaper to make your own products than to purchase them. I also always have some other staples on hand, Epsom salt, liquid castile soap, vegetable glycerin ( moisturizing), and oils.

This lip scrub is only three ingredients and comes together in minutes. Keep in an airtight container and it will lasts for months, rub a small amount on dry lips, gently scrubbing, rinse with water and moisturize.




3 Ingredient Lip Scrub:

  • 3 tbsp Brown Sugar
  • 2 tbsp Vaseline
  • 1 tbsp Honey

Simply mix all the ingredients together until a scrub forms. This makes a small batch so feel free to increase the amounts to make more. You can also substitute other ingredients such as coffee grounds/ white sugar for the brown sugar or olive oil for the Vaseline.

This lip scrub would be a great gift in a spa set or as a stocking stuffer, people love getting homemade items! But first make a batch for yourself! Please share some of your favorite homemade beauty products we love to try new things!


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