I’m Rachel, a Culinary School graduate with a passion for all things food and beverage. After culinary school I took off for an internship in France, where I traveled from Paris to southeast France. I was lucky enough to spend my days in family owned and Michelin star restaurants, as well many established bakeries and patisseries. I lived with a French chef and his family, working in their restaurant soaking up as much as I could. Much of which I realized was learned and perfected over years of practice and experience. This trip was not only humbling and incredibly invaluable, but it also fed into my passion.

I have since spent many years working in the industry, in a number of different positions and in many high volume kitchens. I am not currently working in a restaurant, but there is so much more to food and hospitality. My true passion is recipe development and testing along with food styling and photography. It’s one thing to make food taste good, but making it look good as well is a challenge I love to accept.

I would love to share restaurant recipes fit for a crowds and a dinner rush or French delicacy’s I learned along the way. But, I find most people are looking for simple holiday cookies they can share with friends and family, one-pot soups that makes clean up a breeze, or fun snacks & appetizers you can take tailgating. Really just a collection of recipes simplified for the home cook! I promise I’ll take you out of your comfort zone every once and a while. As always, all content you see is mine, I develop and test all the recipes, I style and edit all of the photos you see!

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