Creating a Holiday Cookie Box

By Rachel
December 15, 2021

Putting together treat boxes for the holidays is so much fun and a great way to show people you are thinking of them! In order to keep this fun and stress free, I have put together a little post on creating a holiday cookie box! Everything from how to find the perfect container, creative fillers, the best cookies and treats to add, festive add-ons, and how to ship your cookie boxes without any damage.

So whether you are gathering for the holidays this year and want to display a fun cookie box for everyone to snack on or you are shipping and delivering boxes to those you cant be around, this post is loaded with fun, helpful information!

I like to use paper shreds to add texture, color, and helps cushion the cookies!

Choosing Your Container:

Aside from picking your treats, picking the container is fun in itself. Whether you are shipping cookie boxes, delivery them to doorsteps, or simply creating a nice spread to have out of the holidays I have some fun container ideas for all.

  • Wooden crates or divides – if your lucky enough you can find some at your local vintage or thrift stores, or have someone handy make you one, like I did!
  • Wooden drawer dividers – have an extra bamboo drawer divider? Use it for your treats!
  • Assorted cardboard containers – fill a large container with smaller, different shaped containers
  • Metal treat tins
  • Old cigar boxes
  • Vintage tins or contianers

Choosing Fillers:

Fillers are both festive and practical. Not only do they add some extra cushion for your baked goods, but they can always be a fun way to add extra colors and textures. Some fillers I always like to use are,

  • Paper shreds – my favorite!
  • Festive fabric
  • Muffins liners
  • Parchment paper
  • Small tins or containers
holiday cookie box

When choosing items for your cookie box, you want to keep a few important things in mind;

  • Choose chookies that stack well
  • Choose hearty cookies that won’t break
  • Stay away from item with sticky glaze or frosting that will smear
  • Incorporate small, bite-seized items to fill in gaps
  • Pick items that have an array of colors
  • Prepackaged candy canes, chocolate candies, or caramels make good filler

Frosted Sugar Cookies

frosted sugar cookies

Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows

peppermint marshmallows

These are a fun addition to any treat box! Light, and airy, and they add a nice change of texture and color!

Molasses Ginger Cookies

ginger cookies

Simply a classic! These cookies are very hearty and hold up well to packaging.

Peppermint Bark Cookies

peppermint bark cookies

Something peppermint is a must! These cookies can be cut into smaller rounds, allow chocolate to cool completely before packing.

Chewy Ginger Cookies

ginger cookies

These cookies are also very hearty and can stand up to packaging. I like to make smaller cookies for packing.

Shortbread Sandwich Cookies with Chocolate Ganache Filling

shortbread sandwich cookies

Perfectly bite sized, perfect for filling in gaps!

Peppermint Brownie Cookies

peppermint cookies

Peanut Butter & Tahini Banana Bread

tahini banana bread

This might seem like an odd addition, but it’s always huge hit. I use these mini loaf pans to make small loaves and slice them thin. One recipe divides perfectly into 3 small loaf pans. I put a few mini slices in each box!

Chocolate Covered Caramel Shortbread Cookies

chocolate covered shortbread cookies

Another fun bite-sized addition!

Choosing Fun Add-Ons:

If you want to make you cookie boxes more festive, think about adding some mini decorations such as,

  • Mini plastic ornaments
  • Ribbon and string
  • Mini wire Christmas trees
  • Bells
  • Fun Fabric cut-outs
  • Greenery
  • Paper cut-outs
  • Gift tags
  • Prepackaged holiday candies
ribbons, bows, scissors, and paper shreds on a table
frosted sugar cookies in a holiday cookie box
marshmallows in a box with ornaments

Packaging Your Cookies:

If you’re packaging your boxes to hand deliver or ship, you want to make sure the cookies are secure!

Hand delivering:

If you are hand delivering, start by picking a container that has a lid. Cute holiday tins are perfect for this, or get creative and use some of the ideas I shared above. A recycled vintage container or cigar box would be a fun idea! Pick a good filler, shredded paper or fabric is always great. Load with your treats and add some festive bells or other add-on’s I suggested above. Add a tag, secure with a ribbon, add a bow or fun ornament and you have a thoughtful cookie box to deliver.


If you are shipping your cookie box, you want to make sure all your hard work doesn’t end in a bunch of broken cookies. You always want to keep in mind that you will need to make you’re treats and ship within a reasonable time frame so everything is still fresh when delivered! Start by packing your cookie box like you would if you were hand delivering it – it may help to place cookies or treats in individual cellophane treats bags so everything stays separate. Make sure everything in your box it tight and secured. Tie a tight ribbon around your container to ensure it stays closed and in place while shipping.

Now keep in mind how rough shipping can be on packages, you will want to place your cookie box inside of another sturdy, preferable corrugated cardboard box. Fill with packing peanuts, or if you have packing supplies you can repurpose like craft paper, pieces of bubble wrap, of that paper you get in a lot of clothing orders. Simply crumple it up and make sure you cookie box is padded from all sides, also make sure there is not a lot of wiggle room! Label and ship, again keeping in mind you want the boxes to arrive preferably within 2/3 days. Which can require some thinking ahead if shipping around the holidays.

up close cookie box with ribbon

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