Father’s Day Gift Guide: For the Foodie

By Rachel
June 9, 2022

Not sure what to get Dad for Father’s Day? I’ve put together this Father’s Day Gift Guide: For the Foodie, with 30 gift ideas for Dad, perfect for the foodie in your life! Everything from must have kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, and neat ingredient finds. You could also purchase a subscription to a meat delivery service, such a Butcher Box, perfect for the grilling fan. Or a monthly coffee subscription box.

Father's Day Gift Guide: For the Foodie
  1. Grill Gloves ($28) – a fun, yet functional gift for the grill lover!
  2. Crystal Old Fashioned Glasses ($119.95) – A classic, the perfect addition to your bar cart.
  3. Spice Rub Set ($89.95) – A fun mix of spice rubs great for the foodie.
  4. Pizza Oven ($918.95) – Such a fun addition to the backyard, perfect for summer nights.
  5. Flavored BBQ Sauces ($11.95) – Great for anyone who loves to grill or BBQ.
  6. Miyabi Knife Block Set ($629.95) – A must for any home chef.
  7. Steel Grill Basket ($60) – Great for grilling veggies outdoors!
  8. Apron ($34.95) – A classic, versatile apron for the home chef.
  9. Smart Thermometer ($89.99) – A fun tech gadget for anyone who loves to smoke or grill meat.
  10. Cocktail Shaker Set ($40) – A classy addition to your bar cart, this wood shaker is timeless.
  11. Food Processor ($449.95) – A classic kitchen appliance, perfect for so many things.
  12. BBQ Tool Set ($119.95) – This set has everything you need and come with a neat carrying case.
  13. Steak Knife Set ($99.95) – This steak knife set is such neat gift, knives come in a custom wooden case
  14. Spice Rack Set ($219.95) – These spice containers are perfect for storing homemade spice rubs!
  15. At Home Beer Brewing Set ($129.99) – Perfect for the beer lover!
  16. Bonfire Pit ($324.95) – Another great addition to the backyard, this bonfire kit will be a hit on summer nights.
  17. Cast Iron Corn Pan ($39.95) – a fun grilling addition, heavy duty cast iron will last for years.
  18. Indoor Herb Garden ($24.95) – Perfect for Dad’s who have a green thumb, always have fresh herbs on hand
  19. Meat Claws ($19.95) – A fun tool for shredding smoked or grilled meats.
  20. Olive Oil Blends ($13) – These olive oil blends come in a handful of flavors.
  21. Cast Iron Skillet ($21.95) – A classic kitchen tool, can be used inside or out on the grill.
  22. Bitters Set ($35) – A fun addition to the home bar,.
  23. Luxardo Cherries ($19.95) – Another cocktail staple, would go perfect with Dad’s new old fashioned glasses.
  24. Pour Over Glass Coffee Maker ($48.95) – A trendy and eco friendly way to make coffee at home!
  25. Copper Mugs ($20.95) – These mugs have a beautiful hammered copper finish and can be monogramed.
  26. Grill Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Set ($29.95) – A must for outdoor grilling!
  27. Yeti Can Insulator ($25) – Perfect for keeping Dad’s drink cold at the pool or on the range.
  28. Dutch Oven ($250) – Le Creuset is a staple that will keep for years and years.
  29. Garlic Grinder Set ($49.95) – A fun kitchen gadget!
  30. Wooden Cocktail Muddler ($11.99) – Add to the bar cart for easy muddled cocktails.

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